About Paloma’s Dream Staging & Design, LLC

Columbus Home Staging, Interior Design & Decorating Services

Paloma’s Dream Staging and Design was created with a culmination of our founder’s  9 years background in services such as kitchen and bath remodeling,  basement refinishing, HVAC consultations and an eye for creativity and design to invent a space that is inviting and new.

Our company mission is “Taking you to the next step of your journey.”

Whether that means having your home staged to be sold in order to move to your new home,  refreshing your current home with our interior design ideas, or re-organizing your home, clearing space and purging items that are no longer needed. 

Who utilizes our service?

Paloma’s Dream Staging and Design  has a variety of clients. Our services can encompass anything from stressed out people who need to reorganize their home, but there isn’t enough hours in the day to those who want top dollar for their home Staging, (which may be the family’s biggest investment) and to turn it around to be sold quickly. We also work with people who have vacant homes or those who are real estate investors. 

Our other clients include those who have mobility issues and may need our help or even the person who is wanting to refresh their current home or office.

Services we provide include:

Home organizing, Real Estate Staging, Interior Design, Personal shopping ( furniture or wardrobe), Declutter and Downsizing Services

Kelli DuRoy - Founder of Paloma's Dream Staging and Design, LLC

Founded by Kelli DuRoy and Jonathan Harada, Paloma’s Dream Staging and Design was created to take our clients to “the next step of their journey”.

Kelli and Jonathan have integrated their  life and business experiences to build a successful company  with a shared passion for design, creativity and the ability to assist stressed out clients while getting to them to the “ next step of their journey “.

 In life, Kelli is also married to her business partner, Jonathan Harada.

They are active in a variety of local organizations and currently owned by four rescues. Dillin, a Shihzu Maltese mix who loves naps and bonding with his humans. Elvira, a tortoiseshell cat with an attitude, Allie a senior half blind black feline and Midnight a black cat who was dumped at four weeks old and is now often mistaken for a miniature panther.

Paloma's Dream Staging has been a blessing to me to help achieve my goal of an organized filing system. Our first work session was extremely effective - I was amazed how much was accomplished in several hours. Looking forward to continuing and ultimately completing this project.

Martha P.

Our  company mission is “ Taking you to the next step of your journey.”